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Background Storytelling and narrative are often thought of within a narrow mind-set of traditional storytelling -‘Once Upon a Time…’ but narrative encompasses every aspect of Graphic design, brands, logo, campaigns, booklets, posters, websites all take the viewer on a journey.

Colour, materials typeface, paper stock, sound. Pacing all add to the story, communication, and how we interpret a piece of design.

It is essential you are in groups of 6 students, please hand in your team name sheet today. If you are not yet in a group, let one of us know. This is your first collaborative project and as such your attendance and engagement is essential. It’s essential to keep up a good with your group.

Brief Design TV

You have all been given a different aspect of programming of a brand new TV channel, working title ‘Design TV’. You can call name the channel anything you want!

Your job is to design the visual identity of this channel. How this channel functions and what it looks like is entirely up to you.

We are asking you to:

• Tell us what the channel is called?

• Create a 30 second Teaser at 12 frames per second

• Create a 6 second sting at 24 frames per second for Design TV.

These are two very different moving image exercises and two different narrative challenges.

Within your groups, you will be pitching your ideas to us on the morning of from 9.30am Friday 13th December.

Storyboards, moodboards, visual aids, materials moving image? Whatever is appropriate to convey your narrative in your pitch. We will operate a traffic light system of cards.  Green card – If you are ok to proceed. An amber card indicates you can proceed BUT with caution and advice. If you get a red card we will invite you back to re pitch in the afternoon session!

The act of pitching your ideas is a narrative in itself. How are you going to engage your audience? How will you set the scene? Reveal your idea?

Research Look at existing TV identities, stings and teaser campaigns
Consider Your target audience. How can you appeal to this group?

How can you inspire your target audience within the category you have.

What will TV of the future be like?

Avoid Cliches

Be quirky and original.

Challenge the viewer.

Don’t feel you need to be overly corporate – experiment be adventurous

You are the client and the designer. How you choose to envisage this TV channel is entirely unrestricted by budget or client preference! No boundaries.

Deliverables 30 second Teaser  at 12 fps (Frames Per Second)

6 Second Sting  at 24 fps  (Frames Per Second)

All animations must be exported as a full quality quicktime movie and also a ht64 mp4. Hand these in on a pendrive and drop of off in the office 206 on Thursday 4-5 or Friday morning at 9.30. Check your movie plays. 

You will be working in Sketchbooks, or worksheets

A3 Presentation of your target audience.

Deadlines Friday 13th December  – Pitch Presentations 9.30am

Friday 20th December – Final Presentation Screening 10.00am Geoffry Manton, Lecture Theatre 6

All animations

This project will be handed in and presented in your portfolio at the end of the Visual Thinking 2 Unit.


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