Todorov’s Equilibrium

todorovs theory

(notes taken from Heathen Media )

Tzvetan Todorov suggested there were 5 stages to a narrative:

  1. Equilibrium – A happy start
  2. A disruption of this equilibrium by an event – A problem occurs
  3. A realisation that a disruption has happened
  4. An attempt to repair the damage of the disruption – the problem is solved
  5. A restoration of the eqilibrium – A happy ending

These music video narratives can be can be applied to Todorov’s Theory:

Foo Fighters – Learn to fly

  1. Equilibrium – Everyone getting onto the plane.
  2. Disruption – The crew take some drinks which makes them fall over and go to sleep.
  3. Realisation – Everyone is thrown around the plane as it gets out of control.
  4. Attempt to repair the damage – The singer goes to the front of the plane and manages to land.
  5. Restoration of the equilibrium – Everyone gets off of the plane safely.




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